Crisp Surfboards

Matt Crisp is a talented surfer/shaper who has been shaping, designing and testing boards in Byron Bay since the ’90’s. After a long shaping career with legendary labels like Town & Country, Maddog, San Juan and 4 times World Champ Mark Richards, Crispy is now shaping under his own label Crisp Surfboards.

Taking a hardcore, down-to-earth approach, every single Crisp Surfboard is built in Byron Bay by Crispy. Shaping, glassing, sanding and artwork using traditional materials and the latest epoxy composite technologies. With an extensive history of shaping across the whole gamut of surfboard design Crispy has garnered the knowledge and experience to shape all styles of surf craft including high performance short boards, retro and modern twin fins, mid lengths and longboards.

Matt Crisp’s shapes and designs have been pushed to their limit by elite competitors like Kieren Perrow, Danny Wills, Mick Lowe, Yerin Brown, Bryce Cameron, Jeremy Byles and the new Byron Vanguard of Tezu Harrison, Jamihl Corey, Cheaj Wrencher and Finn Crisp. Crispy has also travelled extensively, testing his equipment in the long hollow waves of Indo, to the intense chunk of Hawaii.

Crispy has been working extensively in EPS and epoxy resins and has developed a loyal following of customers hooked on the positive flex, performance, lightweight and strength of his stringer less EPS CarboFlex series.

Built in the bay

Custom Surfboards

Knowledge, Experience, Performance, Satisfaction. In a world of bland generic multi-national models, Crispy’s total focus is the custom surfboard. Working one on one, factory direct, Crispy crafts surfboards to each surfer’s exacting specifications for total stoke. Bypass the corporate surf shop chainstore and visit the factory, smell the resin, feel the dust and talk directly to the shaper.

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